The Mighty Class of 1967 – Nashville “Mega-Mini (April 20 – 23, 2023)


Setting a new standard for "mini'reunions", 75 classmates and spouses enjoyed a 3-day gathering featuring touring, eating and lots of relationship building.  

  • From the recent polling, it’s clear that ‘67’s Nashville reunion was a great hit.  Thanks to the team…John Claster and Jim Edmondson from afar and our local gurus Bill King and Harry Williams, we’ve set a new mark for min-reunions…that raises the bar for our next event…DC in ’25.  While we’re at it, special thanks to Dave Martin (overall mini-reunion leadership), Art Bowen (keeping the treasury engaged) and Dick Prentke (while he couldn’t be with us this weekend, his leadership launched and sustained Nashville before and through Covid challenges).

Here are some comments from classmates:


Dick Fiss.

Dawn and I want to express to you and your spouses, where applicable, our great appreciation for the efforts you made to organize the Class of 1967's Mini-Reunion in Nashville this past weekend.  The entire event just felt good.  From the first evening's reception at the Thompson to the final tour on Saturday, all of you did a masterful job of curating the experiences, organizing and facilitating our movements and making it possible to have countless opportunities for personal interaction with classmates.  


The tone was set right at the start with the tour of the Nashville Public Library and presentations in the Civil Rights Room and the Women's Vote Room.  The exhibits and the presenters, in explaining what has been accomplished and what still needs to be done in the areas of Black's and Women's rights, made us think and hopefully imparted a bit of humility to a group where that is always a good thing to do.  Also, the sights of so many classmates and spouses listening and dancing to the amazing music at the National Museum of African-American Music's interactive exhibits were images I unfortunately will not soon forget.  Please extend a special shout-out to the drivers of the two coaches that transported us throughout Nashville.  The vehicles and the courtesy of the drivers really enabled us to do more than we could have without them.


Still, the best part was the opportunity to spend quality time with classmates and their spouses and guests.  I saw a classmate and club mate I had not seen since graduation and was able to really catch up.  Two roomies who live distant from us probably got their fill of Fiss for a while.  At each function and meal I was struck by how satisfying it was to spend time with classmates from diverse backgrounds and locations and have discussions that were worthwhile--a real tribute to the quality of the members of the Class of 1967.  If I had a dollar for every story and consequent laugh, I would have been able to fly private and not AA (who cancelled our return flight).  


One next to final thing--as much fun as the guys had, I think the gals had an even better time.  If those two nouns are not appropriate, excuse me.  The omnipresent smiles and good conversation from the distaff members of our class were key parts of the gathering.  We love you all.


Finally, thanks for allowing me to perform as the entertainment for the reception on the first night.  It was the inaugural time I have staged that act and hopefully it will be retired.  Special thanks to my co-stars--Ike, Ronman, Pam, Tomoko and Dawn, with appreciation to my agent, JC.


Best regards and until our next gathering,

Dick Fiss


Sam Islay



Dick Fiss has penned a masterful “thank you.” I could not do better.

But I surely can second it. The weekend was absolutely terrific. As some said before speaking “that was a tough act to follow.”

The next of these events will have to rise to the challenge.


Best wishes to all,



Frank Strasburger

Carrie and I echo all of the acolades.  You guys did a magnificent job of planning, with both stimulating and even inspiring moments (Elliot was a monumental highlight, but Dick, you, too, inspired not just Art but the rest of us, as well, to hydrate) mixed with plenty of down time just to be with one another.  And Dick’s right, though his terminology would never pass muster with my spouse—our wives (gals??!) had as much fun as we did.

So a hearty locomotive to all!!



Rich Plumridge

Kim and I wish to add our thanks to the beautifully crafted Fiss message.We also want to add our special accolades to our local hosts, Bill,  Harry and their mates. The amount  of time and productive effort both before and during the event were critical to the great success. One unique thing that was  proven true again was that every one of the classmates we talked to were uniquely interesting. Thank you all again for a fabulous experience.


Kim and Rich Plumridge


Sadler Poe

I am generally not at a loss for words—as my luncheon and dinner mates can attest.  But I don’t have any praise to add other than a sincere thanks to all—planners, classmates and spouses—for making Nashville such a memorable occasion.




Bill King

Clearly The Mighty Class of ‘67 is made up of classmates who enjoy each others company, extend their friendships over decades and miles and families, and occasionally gather to celebrate this special bond that Princeton holds for each of us.  


Thanks for celebrating in Nashville this year, and specifically, thanks to you and the leadership team who dreamed up this crazy idea and made it happen. It’s been a blast to help out on home turf, can’t wait for wherever we gather next.