What can we tell you about the 55th Reunion of The Great Class of '67?

What can we tell you about the 55th Reunion of The Great Class of '67?

Despite the most challenging set of circumstances in our 55years of reunions, you'll have a

great time from MAY 19-MAY 22, 2022

  • First campus presence in two years
  • University taking extra steps to ensure safety of alumni and students
  • Reunion team has been hard at work in anticipation of green light from the University in early January to begin registration
  • New site near 1879 Hall
  • Food sites including much-loved Boathouse being secured
  • Housing options to keep costs down being explored
  • Entertainment that's cool

And more…

We've redesigned the '67 website to make it more interactive and full of class news and events. You'll learn more about Webinars, Cags, and Minis. There will be '67 only seminars.

But first a few words about the first step - REGISTRATION.

In this age of the pandemic and other challenges, Princeton has moved to centralize registration for Reunions. This will make it easier to know who is on campus and when. So, in order to register, you will have to obtain and/or confirm

your TIGER NET ID and Passwords

Interestingly, we found that more than 90% of our class had Tiger Net ID's and passwords.

To make life easier, following are detailed instructions on how to complete this necessary first step. Why not do it now, so you are ready to go when registration opens in early January .

 Account services for Princeton Alumnus

¦   Not yet registered for a TigerNet account?Register Now
¦   Forgot your TigerNet ID or Password?Retrieve Login
¦   Want to change your TigerNet password?Change Password


If we send a snail mail message:

To obtain a TigerNet ID, go to the Princeton home page ( and open the “Alumni” link at the upper right. On the page that follows, open the “TigerNet” link in the upper right of that page. On the TigerNet home page, find the “Register Now” link beneath the orange bars. Obtain, save and write down your new TigerNet ID and Password.

Get On The '67 Express,

Tom Amato.                                                      Bob Mayer

Co-Chairman                                                     Co-Chairman